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Administration Watch | April 2012

Temporary lull in the retail administration storm (Released May 2012)

April saw a lull in the number of retail units closing due to occupiers falling into administration. This is likely to prove temporary with the failure of Clinton Cards in May threatening hundreds of units and thousands of jobs.

In total retailers falling into administration in April led to the closure of an estimated 57 stores, with the loss of 325 jobs.

Major administrations in the month included Allied Carpets, which returned to administration for the third time in three years. The company was bought by Floors-2-Go but not without the closure of 10 stores.

The other major administration in April was women's fashion retailer Ellie Louise. Salford entrepreneur, Mike Basso bought Ellie Louise out of administration within the month but not before 40 stores were closed, costing an estimated 150 jobs.

Retailers falling into administration in 2012 have so far directly led to 8,500 job losses and 900 store closures. They certainly won't be last.